Monday, August 29, 2011

How to prepare for a hurricane or other large disaster

It is the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina.  So thought it was a good time to share this wonderful source of planning and preparedness information & insight.

A blog called Listening To Katrina

Shane, the author of that blog, goes over not only how to survive the hurricane.  He also details how to prepare for life during and after the hurricane.  Mundane things like getting a job or saving wedding pictures despite hurricane, wildfire, or other disaster.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Using Transitions in Writing

Using transitions in writing, is one of the critical elements, that separates a hack from a skilled scribe.  As my readers know, my current writing skill is sadly diminished, due to a long convalescence.  Blogging is an essential part of rehabilitating my writing skills.

I was fortunate to receive instruction from an exceptional English teacher in my first couple of years of college.  He not only clarified the hazy elements of grammar, but also provided clear guidance & encouragement on research papers.

I will cover other elements of research papers, and archival research in  general, in a future post.  Today I wanted to share a wonderful resource from the Capital Community College Foundation.  There is a menu widget at the top of that page for help with other elements of grammar.  But the key element I was looking for, was a list of transitions.

I still have the hard copy list my mentor provided me, but it is getting a bit worse for the wear. Thanks to Capital Community College Foundation, I have a handy list available on the cloud, which can be useful if I am at a clients job site.  Or if I am out and about and have to take care of some small issue with my Blackberry.

Friday, August 19, 2011

How to Freeze Food including meats

Oddly enough somtime the government does help.  Click on link below for more detailed information.  With the Politicians messing with whole economy, I have started taking food storage a bit more seriously.

"What Can You Freeze?
You can freeze almost any food. Some exceptions are canned food or eggs in shells. However, once the food (such as a ham) is out of the can, you may freeze it."~USDA

For broader information on basic food storage Provident Living which is associated with The Church of Latter Day Saints.

The American Red Cross is somewhere between the sources mentioned above.

I have found useful information from all three sources.

Monday, August 8, 2011

How to Publish an Ebook

Ever wondered how to publish an Ebook?  This article from The Atlantic Wire covers the topic clearly, concisely, & completely.

The article covers conversion to correct formats, as well as proofreading services, something I appreciated him including.   He mentions marking, wish he would have covered that in more detail, but he does say he will write another report.  I look forward to reading that as well.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

How to Schedule a Post on Blogger for future date

You can create a post, and schedule Blogger to publish for you in the future.  Which is real useful if your going on vacation, or perhaps big event coming up and you want a real polished product ready ahead of time.

If your using the current editor just click on "New Post" then look for "Post Options" when the new blank form opens up.  It is right underneath the "Labels" section.

Click on "Post Options" that will open bunch of choices below main box, on top right of that section you will see a "Post Date and time" option.  Default is automatic, change to "Schedule at" and then do thing as normal.

Friday, August 5, 2011

How to Plan for Retirement

Ruth Hayden on MPR's Midmorning, Ruth Hayden is very good at explaining in clear & simple words what you need to do for planning for retirement. Or other money issues.

You can listen using streamer below, just click the play button.  Or if you want to download MP3 just right click & save as this link.

How to Create Cash Cushion

From MPR's Midmorning

Comments from regular people plus advice and help for building up a cash reserve.

Mp3 link of above right click & "save as"

Whole bunch of more information from Ruth Hayden

Thursday, August 4, 2011

How to Open link in new window

How to make Link open in new page HTML help

Need some help with HTML for blogging or basic webpage? quackit
Helps, this makes links open in new window:  <a href="" target="_blank">HTML Help</a> 

All you need to do is cut & paste this: target="_blank"

How to find RSS feed for Twitter page

Just cut and past this link

put name of user (ie the twitter name or Twitter Account/Address) you want after the equal sign.

My Twitter is!/CliffsEsport so my Twitter Name is @CliffsEsport, you leave the "@" symbol out.

So if you wanted RSS feed of my Twitter, it would look like: