Friday, September 9, 2011

How to decide between iPhone 4 & iPod touch

Iphone 4 vs Ipod Touch?

Wondering which one to get?  I found this really good review.  I have decided I will add a Ipod touch eventually to my mobile electronics collection.  But my SO will be getting a Iphone.  One note, see below for specs, but the cameras are the same.  Might be different software for enhancing but the specs from Aplle's website are identical.

I prefer my Blackberry for most things.  But the Touch will work far better for games, and I will also use it for podcasts and such for office or car use.  Won't worry about using up my phone's battery that way, or more likely forgetting it in the car when I need to make a call or check messages.

See also iPod touch specs & iPhone 4 specs from Apple

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